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QEEG is an advanced imaging technology used to identify brainwave activity. Using sensors placed on the scalp, we measure your brain activity and compare the findings to a normative database used by many Universities throughout the world. This can specifically identify the areas of your brain that are not functioning optimally. 


One can have a healthy brain but it may not be functioning optimally.


Power problem – There may be too much or too little of a certain frequency like theta waves (4-7 Hz) and beta waves (15-18 Hz) which is a common imbalance in kids with attention deficits.


Coherence problem – There may be an area of the brain that is communicating too much or too little with another area or multiple other areas of the brain.


A QEEG evaluation can identify these problems that may be causing symptoms like ADHD, sensory issues, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, OCD, dyslexia, sleep problems and many other conditions.

QEEG & Loreta Neurofeedback