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"My son had ADHD...I remember crying and not knowing what to do. Nothing was working for my son, he was getting labeled at school, he had no friends...but what a difference a year makes. Your brain based treatments work. You guys under-promised and over-delivered. Thanks to all the Doctors"

Jenelle P.


Child With Cerebral Palsy and Autistic Tendencies Testimonial



Child With ADHD/Brain Damage Testimonial


Stroke Rehabiliation Testimonial



Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia Day One Pre & Post Treatment

The Balance Testing Session:

There are two parts to this video.This footage shows how the patient was on day one at our office, pre-treatment and then post treatment. Please note  the change in the patients balance and speech immediately after our brain based therapies.


The First Morning Appointment Session:

The patient was responding well in our office, however he stated that he would have a difficult time in the morning. This is how he presented on his first morning appointment. Again, you will see significant changes from the pre to post treatment. 


Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia Testimonial


AD/HD Letter

ADHD Mom’s Story

Since we started treatment with the Slone’s in November 2008, we have seen dramatic changes in our son, almost as if he is not the same child!  I predict that in a few months, he will no longer carry the ADHD diagnosis.  The phrase that seems to be uttered by different people is that he is now a ‘normal kid’.  This is something I never thought I would hear, or even be thinking myself.

The changes that have occurred in him include the following:
• Calmness -  he is no longer as hyperactive
• Focus – this has gotten much better
• He is better able to handle himself in a crowd, before; he would become easily over stimulated.
• Fine and gross motor have improved exponentially. 
• Thought processes continue to become more complex
• Social skills have improved tremendously.  Children (and adults as well) with ADHD have deficiencies in social skills in terms of being impulsive and not reading the emotions of others well.  Our son makes friends and plays well with other kids now.
• He has caught up with his peers in terms of being able to write, and the readiness to read and learn at an age appropriate level.  Before, I didn’t know if he would EVER catch up, this was a big fear.  Our son is smart, but if his brain is not ready to learn, being smart doesn’t help.
• ADHD kids have problems sleeping.  Our son was no exception, but we noticed that after a few weeks of treatment, he was falling asleep much easier, and he sleeps for a longer period time.  This also influences his behavior; he is a much better rested kid.
• He is not fatigued at the end of the day, whereas before treatment, he would be falling down, tantrum throwing tired.
• His self control has improved tremendously; temper tantrums are the exception, rather than the norm.

Everyone who knows our son has commented on the changes they have seen in him and they are all amazed.  I feel that in the last couple of months, he has ‘turned a corner’.  I now have a child I almost don’t recognize.  He is calm and much more focused, I feel like I have a ‘normal’ child.  This treatment has been a miracle. I never would have thought that our last option would have turned out to be our best. 

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