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"…I now have a child I almost don’t recognize. This treatment has been a miracle. I never would have thought that our last option would have turned out to be our best."
Rose B., Satisfied Parent
Childhood Developmental Disorders

Childhood Epidemic

  • Over the past 20 years childhood neuro-developmental disorders have been increasing at epidemic proportions.
  • The diagnosis and treatment of these disorders has changed very little during this period while the number of children diagnosed with these disorder continues to increase.


Chiropractic Neurology / Brain Based Treatment

It is important to understand that different areas of the brain are responsible for different functions. Behavior, mood, impulsiveness, balance, awareness, movement, sensation, eye tracking, reading, writing, talking, smelling, hearing, etc. are all a result of  multiple brain functions. These functions or outputs of the brain occur as a result of many areas of the brain communicating together to produce the action.

The brain requires stimulation to develop or increase plasticity (nerve branching). There are several ways to stimulate the brain naturally--with light, sound, smell, touch, taste and movement. We incorporate these stimuli into our treatment plans in order to stimulate one side of the brain to achieve balance and plasticity within the brain.

Our Brain Based treatment plans utilize:
• Light therapy
• Auditory Stimulation (sound)
• Olfactory stimulation (smell)
• Tactile stimulation
• Proprioception exercises
• Eye exercises
• Vestibular training
• Balance
• Breathing exercises
• Strength training
• Interactive Metronome

Brain Based Learning Program:

The BrainBased Learning Program is designed to evaluate and treat areas of the nervous system that are either underdeveloped or under performing. Learning is a sensorimotor process that utilizes many areas of the brain working together. This program addresses these brain based issues. Click here to read more.

Child With Cerebral Palsy and Autistic Tendencies Testimonial

Child With ADHD/Brain Damage Testimonial


Asperger Syndrome
Learning Disabilities

“He’s a Leader”

 My son was diagnosed with AS and since we started the Brain Based Learning program with the Slone’s he is a completely different person. He is confident, outgoing, relaxed, more flexible, easier to get along with and not as angry. He is excelling in school and getting perfect scores for attitude. He received awards for Best Attitude, Best Reader, Best in Math for his class after only two months of treatment…he never received an award for anything before. Now his teachers keep saying “He’s a leader.” 

A Teacher’s Recommendation

I have been teaching for the past 18 years and I have witnessed some remarkable changes in the children that have been treated by the Slone brothers. Their Brain Based Learning program is exceptional and highly recommended to all.

Referral Program
Our Granite Bay office is 100% referral based and we are honored to treat you, your family and friends. When you refer 3 patients, you will recieve a complimentary 1 hour massage. Thank you for your trust.
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